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With all the hype around smart cities today, you would think they are ubiquitous. Even though there are a few high-profile examples, smart cities aren’t yet as widespread as you might think.

Almost everywhere I travel these days I hear someone talking about making their city a "smart city."

What is a smart city? It’s where urban networks – human and technological – are integrated in order to optimise convenience, efficiency and the quality of life for the people who live and work in it.

This week’s Smart City roundup features the projected growth of the smart city market, an expanded partnership to deliver smarter city and energy solutions, and a new cloud-based center for the Internet of Things.

New research predicts that global urbanization will fuel smart cities market growth by nearly 19% over the next 10 years.

BOSTON—Verizon’s move to wire up the city of Boston with fiber—one that will serve not only Fios and its wireless networks but also smart-city applications—is based not just on the technology nuances, but on how to solve real problems.

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L'application #StopCovid sera disponible mardi, pour la nouvelle phase du déconfinement | via @BFMTV
Application #StopCovid, surconsommation d'Internet pendant le confinement, maintien des salaires... le _8h30 france…
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